Greetings From New Nashville: How a Sleepy Southern Town Became “It” City
(Vanderbilt University Press, 2020)

“Consider this fascinating encapsulation of time and place a must-read—not only for Nashvillians seeking self-awareness as a community, but for leaders of every growing city in America.”
Mary Laura Philpott, author of I Miss You When I Blink

In 1998, roughly 2 million visitors came to see what there was to see in Nashville. By 2018, that number had ballooned to 15.2 million.

A collection of essays, journalism and poetry chronicling Music City’s rise to prominence, featuring work by Ann Patchett, Margaret Renkl, Ben Folds, Tiana Clark, Zach Stafford, Bobby Allyn and more.


People Only Die of Love in Movies: Film Writing by Jim Ridley
(Vanderbilt University Press, 2018)

“[I]mpeccably curated and edited by Steve Haruch. . . . To read these pieces again, rich in scholarship and suffused with pleasure, is to understand Ridley’s conception of the cinema as an inexhaustible paradise.”
—Justin Chang
, Los Angeles Times

Combining a cineaste’s encyclopedic knowledge of film with a child’s sense of wonder, Jim Ridley wrote about movies in a way few others can.

Popular Culture Association Ray and Pat Browne Award for the Best Reference/Primary Source Work in Popular and American Culture, First Runner-Up, 2019.